Lean UX and Design Sprint

  • Lean UX follows a build > test > iterate loop.
  • The idea is to get a product in front of real people, learn from them, then improve it.
  • The problem with lean UX is that users aren’t very forgiving and they aren’t big on second chances if we piss them off.
  • Design SprintsDesign Sprints
    Design Sprint is a process for solving and validating ideas. Design Sprint Phases needs to be followed, especially prototyping and testing. Without those, it will be just a brainstorming.

    Design sprints aren’t just for designers.

    Sources :

    Book- Enterprise Design Sprints
    Book- Sprint How To Solve Big Problems and Test New Ideas in Just Five Days

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    are part of a dual-track agile methodology.
  • They follow an unpack > ideate > evaluate > test > refine pattern that results in a user-validated (but rough) draft in a short span of time.
  • It’s a non-standard sprint, executed with the express purpose of defining a robust agile backlog for design and development.”

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