Making notes is the easiest part

Making notes is the easiest part when it comes to knowledge management. Links, Wikipedia, copy-paste, kindle highlights - all can be considered as notes.The idea of note taking is not to collect, but to develop ideas, arguments and discussions.

More Notes ≠ More Output.

Principles I follow :

  • Make AtomicAtomic

    Atoms are the smallest, building block material in Design System, that can’t be broken down any further without breaking the functionality.
    In Zettelkasten method, it recommends building atomic content (single concept, independent, that can grow later)
    In database systems ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability) talks about the same. Here, atomic transaction reference to indivisible and irreducible operation.

    notes, one concept per note.
  • Write in my own words. Mark #🔖quote at source
  • Link notes, but don't try to build a Section Subsection relation
  • No Tags, No Categorization use notes with MOC instead of tags.
  • Use Hashtags to mark states, not to build category. More on Essay- My Workflow + Daily Plan

Source :

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