Hi! This is Hiran Venugopalan, and welcome to my Notes.Hiran, digital garden / Zettelkasten Working Notes.

Working Notes are always-work-in-progress, atomic notes, interlinked, and are written for my purposes. There are no categories or tags (I don't use tags for the arranging information but to manage my actions.)

The Workflow

After using Evernote and Notion for years, I recently moved to Obsidian as it stores text content as plain Markdown files. Notes are created using Obsidian, VSCode or using 1Writer and is stored in my private Dropbox. Part of that note (Except my Private Vault, Kindle Hightlight and Experimental Weekly Journal) gets synced to GitHub Pages, which renders this page using Jekyll.

If you see any broken links (one with the yellow highlight or hashtags), it's either a bug or a link to other folders and tags in my Obsidian, which are not public. And in case if it asks for any password, try വാപ്പച്ചിയുടെലെഗസി, ഹോളിബൈബിൾ, etc. 🙈🙉🙊

Credit list

Thanks to Santhosh Thottingal for sharing the Digital Garden concept, Hrishikesh K B, for being the catalyst, Aashik Salahudeen, for org-mode stories, to Ershad Kunnakkadan and Anish Sheela for logic validation and bug fixing, and to Raghuveer for building the Simply Jekyll Theme

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