Design Sprints

Design Sprint is a process for solving and validating ideas. Design Sprint PhasesDesign Sprint Phases

What is the problem we’re trying to solve?
Is this a real problem?
Who is this problem relevant / why do they care to have it solved?


What are the hypothetical solutions might exist to solve these problems?
What are all the creative ways we could approach this problem?
What are the boundaries that are either constraining us or helping us find a solution?


Which of our ideas might work best to test our hypothesis?
How can we select good solutio...
needs to be followed, especially prototyping and testing. Without those, it will be just a brainstorming.

Design sprints aren’t just for designers.Design sprints aren’t just for designers.
Design Sprints is a problem solving process that provides validation to solution. The focus is on identifying and understand problem and developing solution, and not design. Here, design is just the medium of communication. The result will be successful when cross-functional teams work together to uncover and test a problem or set of problems.


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