Outline Notes

  • Outline notes uses bulleted list, with intend to build structure.
  • It reduces the need of further editing and reviewing.
  • It starts by writing main topics on the far left of the page and add related subtopic in bullet points below using indents.
  • Normal note taking fails to connect ideasNormal note taking fails to connect ideas

    In normal note taking, we sort by topics and sub-topics, building a hierarchical tree structure of knowledge. The information is sorted, and has a "flow", but chances of connecting two different ideas are rare.
    Intention of notes are not just to remind you of what you learned. Spaced Repeatation or revision is not the only job of notes. Note should work as a place to inspire, surprise you while brainstorming.


    Book- How to Take Smart Notes

    Andy "Notes Should Surprise yo...
  • Writing the way you think