Idea of having an Index Note

  • Index notes, or Map of Concepts is a meta-note created to create a block of related notes. Consider it similar to Book Index, a starting point.
  • It works as a bridge between similar, but unconnected notes, which helps in finding new connections.
  • Types of Notes in ZettelkastenTypes of Notes in Zettelkasten

    Start with Fleeting notes, temporary reminders of ideas - terms, jargon, examples - like kindle highlights.
    Based on Fleeting, create Literature notes are one idea, Atomicity, written in own words, explained and written to provide context, even after years.
    Permanent notes are build over multiple lit notes. It's more like a concept/idea note, based on insights from multiple sources

    Fleets are reminders, Lits are one note about one topic from one source, while permanent notes conne...


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